Engagement Opportunities with iRaspberry Pi

If you are an organisation with a product or service offering in IoT space, or even if you are just exploring IoT, we would be happy to work with you to help achieve your objectives.

The table below lists some of our more popular engagement channels. If you have something else in mind, please do reach out to us, we are always open to collaborate in new and exciting ways!



Sponsor/ +Share/ *Hire

Sponsor events Showcase your offerings and expertise

Drive adoption of your technology

Capture mindshare

Explore new areas of interest


Speakers, instructors



Sponsor projects and infrastructure Drive adoption of your technology

Get user and developer feedback

Explore low-cost innovation channel

Identify talent for potential recruitment

Get persistent branding and visibility


Software licenses

Cloud storage


Showcasing opportunities

Share your resources Support development of IoT ecosystem

Identify startups for potential investment

Become more accessible to public

Crowdsource ideas

+Prototyping and testing facilities

+Reusable code

+Expertise/best practices

+International networks

Others Train & develop employee skills in IoT

Get access to independent experts

Reach IoT-focused audiences

*Courses & Workshops

*Consulting assignments