How this workshop will benefit the participants: 

This workshop will introduce you to the unexplored potential of the Raspberry Pi-the hardware, software and its applications. The Workshop is designed to cater to all kinds –

be it a novice or a tech savvy hobbyist or an expert developer extraordinaire. During the course of the workshop interesting open problems are floated and the participants are encouraged to think out-of-box and come up with innovative solutions. Post workshop, each participant will have a sound exposure to Python programming and interfacing of Raspberry Pi. A perfect recipe for innovation! We aims to teach you how to sense and control the physical world using computer programs running on the Raspberry Pi. Here you will learn how easy it is to interact with the outside world, and how this opens up limitless possibilities for exploration. After this workshop you should be able to make any IoT prototype.

Prerequisite or Basic Knowledge: 

knowledge of programming language C (

Participant should bring

Ethernet cable (1 per person) laptop with Windows or Mac or Unix (with following software installed) 



Google Chrom 

Google Chrom web browser VNC Viewer from Google Chrome 


Agenda for 2 Days(Day 1 & Day 2)

Install in your laptop 

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Introduction to OS & Noobs

Introduction to sensors

linux basic

Intro to Python 


git on RPI

Programming in C

Programming in Python






ultrasonic sensor


Data logger example (see LDR)

Introduction to Plotly & Uploading sensor data to plotly

Using PubNub

Simple Project  with


1490 INR per person (for Students, send softcopy of your valid student id card to

1990 INR per person (for Professionals)

seat available: registrations closed.

Terms and Conditions:

we provide 1 kit between 2 participants for doing Hands-On

for more details about cancellation charges visit

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